Haus am Hörmannweg


Haus am Hörmannweg is a modern, minimalist farmhouse style home in the town of Truden, in Northern Italy. Designed by Italian architect Daniel Ellecosta, this dwelling has a unique style that pairs well with the Italian countryside.

Clad in a light grey plaster with wood accents, Haus am Hörmannweg is a clean and elegant figure on the hillside. While the façade is decidedly modern, the form of the home adheres with the local architecture. The A-frame roof and wide window placement reference the neighbouring houses and keep the residence from feeling out of place.

The home is accessed through a covered doorway off a simple cobblestone drive. The wooden door and adjacent window are the only openings of the building's exterior, thus defining the point of entry as a crucial moment in the user's experience of the design. Inside, white walls and light floors pair well with the mountain views. The wood accents from the façade are used plentifully on the interior, allowing a theme of continuity to both portions of the home.

A bit rustic and a bit modern, Haus am Hörmannweg has no need to be defined by design styles past or present.

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