House in Rishpon


House in Rishpon is a gorgeous home designed around one family's elaborate art collection. Located in central Israel, this dwelling features straightforward architecture and simple materials to best show off the assembly of priced art pieces.

House in Rishon was designed by Studio de Lange, a multidisciplinary Israeli design firm lead by an architect and an industrial designer. Concrete is the primary material used in this dwelling. Both modern and neutral, concrete is a perfect backdrop for art on the interior and stylish façade on the exterior. House of Rishpon features a simple, linear geometry: a grand, double-height rectangle serves as the main house while a smaller, more intimate form is nestled to the side.

The centre of the home is the main gallery. This portion holds the kitchen, dining, and living rooms and displays a large portion of the residents' art collection. Monochromatic interior finishes provide the perfect canvas for showing off the unique and colourful art. Downstairs, in a quieter area of the home, a den opens out to an interior courtyard. The bedroom is tucked away on the end of the home, but feels as perfectly composed as the main rooms. In the backyard, a minimal pool and terrace provides the perfect place for outdoor living.

Studio de Lange has provided a timeless design for this home/gallery. House in Rishpon shines as an incredible piece of architecture while never competing with the art which it was designed around.

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