industrial design

LIXHT was founded in Manitoba, Canada in 2014 by the designer Valentin Mittelstet. Its aim is to make everyday products work well and for a long time. The goal of every piece is that it is of high quality, highly functional, and highly attractive. Functionality and aesthetics are taken care of by LIXHT as they invent and design everything they sell, and every piece is treated as a work of art. To ensure top-notch quality, they have partnered with several local manufacturers in Manitoba, and refuse to produce anywhere else.

I love the simplicity and the timeless style of these creations and would like to highlight a few pieces to you.

TR-001W Tray

It is functional, simple, durable and at the same time, attractive. It is being manufactured in 2 sizes, from aluminium, and powder-coated in white, wrought iron, blue, green and salmon pink.

CH-001W Candle Holder

It was designed to combine a clean simple form, functionality and durability. Made of steel and finished with powder-coat, it will look beautiful in its surroundings and will last a lifetime.

VM-002 Mailbox

Designed to be durable, sophisticated and uncomplicated. The VM-002 Mailbox is made of steel, which is CNC laser-cut, machine-bent, welded, hand-sanded, and finished using a double layer powder-coating process.

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