Kew House


Kew House is a renovation of a classic Victorian home in London designed by architecture firm McLaren.Excell, also based in London. The project involved adding an extension to the back of the home and renovating the full interior of the existing dwelling.

From the street, Kew House's grey-painted brick façade looks elegant yet not out of the ordinary. The extension in back, however, is thoroughly modern in form yet references the original home with a classic brick façade. The juxtaposition of the sleek, angular, and shorter addition with the taller, ornate appearance of the Victorian portion is an alluring moment that draws comparisons to the layers of architectural styles in London as a whole.

The interior of Kew House is undoubtedly modern; sleek concrete floors rest against warm wood walls, covered by an angular white ceiling. Upstairs, soft wood floors create a cosier vibe for the bedrooms. Built-in seating and storage, mostly crafted out of wood, lines the walls. In the older part of the home, the Victorian crown moulding and windows remain intact. This area is modernised by a sheet of wooden screens, referencing the new addition while allowing the original structure to shine through. What a chic and unique solution for a renovation project!

The kitchen, in the very rear of the house, is my favourite space. I love how the concrete floor rises up to form the island, countertops, and backsplash. The bathroom is similarly designed, allowing concrete to take centre stage in the form of vanities and wet walls. The repetition of materials enhances the minimal aesthetic while creating lovely feature pieces in these rooms.

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