Ammoudi House


Remarkably settled on an obvious slope, a white private house sits proudly, giving the illusion of absolute straightness. That’s the first surprising element from Katerina Valsamaki’s noteworthy Ammoudi House. The Greek abode boasts an appropriate minimalist sensibility alongside some crafty solutions spread throughout the 250sqm. A true example of mature architecture and utter respect for its surroundings.

A beautiful combination of numerous geometric variations, such as small squares, large arches and narrow columns make up a surprising coherent mono-volume. A visual trick tastefully addressed in all internal areas, as every room follows a logical flow from the next with amplitude. Especially the central area entailing the living room, lounge, kitchen and dining room; all blessed with an impressive view for the beach. The familiar boundaries of interior and exterior living are rejected, with a project that dares to propose a tailored lifestyle for the family of three and its guests. The program capitalises on constant incentive for natural light throughout the day in all rooms.

At night-time the house challenges conventions, yet again turning the daytime dynamic of celebrating the landscape on its head, transforming the house in a standalone feature. An exceptional light design was engrained beneath the house, introducing visual lightness as yet another facet of this eclectic dwelling.

Even with some old-school elements in the mix, minimalism makes for a surprisingly effective partner for experimentation.

Photography by Konstantinos Thomopoulos.

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