Maven Watches


Modern watch brand Maven is very much inspired by its birthplace, Hong Kong. Here, natural landscapes and urban architecture coexist in harmony and beauty. Consequently Maven created two lines which both blend natural materials and haptics with contemporary technology, while each of the two lines focusses on a different aspect of this liaison.

The Enduring Series is based on a genuine marble stone dial with each watch carrying a unique birthmark of this timeless natural material. This way, the durable components of a Swiss ronda 762 movement in a 316L stainless steel case and a dial covered by sapphire glass is designed to be a fashion piece with modern style. A real personal statement.

The Artisan Series, in contrast, focuses on the actual impressions of the Hong Kong landscape: dynamic nature and modern architecture coming together. Its natural colours perfectly match any outfit in your fashionable wardrobe, while the dial and the case are structured clearly and offer a meticulously designed view of the time.

Most importantly: all Maven watches are designed to age beautifully, and the prices will be fair. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Maven launch on Indiegogo in February 2017. You can stay up to date on this by subscribing to their newsletter.

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