Noska Leather Collection


Noska’s Leather Collection is one of contrasts. On the one hand, utilitarian, and the other, refined locally-sourced and eloquently-crafted designed pieces. The concept for the collection came from a need of being free and unrestricted, and the need of having all of the precious everyday treasures close. Based in Poznań, Poland, Noska is the lovechild of Julia and Bartek. Their shared love and occupations of designing as UX, Visual and Interior design, has brought the beautiful label to inception.

The Leather Collection sees two differing sized backpacks and a side pouch belt come together. The series is one of refined consideration and a nod to the pair’s Polish/Soviet legacy. The shared ethos that; we believe that things we use everyday can be beautifully functional, and carefully prepared, that the Collection is light, natural and neither bothers you nor gets in your way, couldn’t be more true of this piece. All leather used are vegetable tanned, and therefore inherently will develop a natural patina over time, from use and aligned with Japanese Wabi Sabi principles.

Noska has coupled their passion for purposed and beautiful design pieces, together with a nostalgic edge, and brings this black and natural Leather Collection to life. The detailing is to be applauded and their dedication to the overall construction is also one worthy of accolade. Well done.

Photography courtesy of Noska.

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