Designed by Tokyo-based Torafu Architects, RIFMO is a minimalist stool and bench that explores the textures and malleability of RIFMO’s recycled textile materials, produced with discarded clothes that are processed into felt to which heat and pressure are applied. The result is a light material easily to bend, with an appearance of marble in the boards and random colourful strains of fibres in the surface. The architects describe their goal and main characteristics:

Taking hints from the material's characteristics, we proposed a stool and a bench of simple construction made from long RIFMO boards to which wires were fixed to keep the shape in place. The stool is 12.8mm thick and is made using a single wire. Since the bench has a span of about 1,500mm, we strengthened the structure by passing two wires in a diagonal brace and kept the thickness as thin as possible at 19.2mm. The corner radius was set to fit in a user’s hand so that a hand could easily rest on it.

RIFMO is wonderful, elegant and light, but also ergonomic and comfortable for the user, because of using the properties of the material, it fits the form of the body by bending slightly under one's weight.

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