Rise & Shine Wall Mirror

art & illustration

Created by London-based Norwegian design duo Hunting & Narud, the Rise & Shine wall mirror is not only an appraisal of the beauty of time, but also a mark of respect towards true and skilful craftsmanship. It can be found in the immaculate manufacturing of the wooden centre point and the metal counterweight. But one step back, the contrast of natural oak with brass or burned oak with steel already emphasises the focus on material and their skilful finishing.

The Rise & Shine wall mirror is an object between objects. The counterweight can be used to adjust the mirror for perfect use, but it can also be used to play with the light entering the room it is displayed in. So for some, the design might be functional, for others it would be a piece of art that primarily creates an atmosphere. It’s undecided, and there’s a lot of poetry hidden in that indecisiveness. Because that’s what time is: sometimes simply a practical metric for organising our everyday life and sometimes—due to the transience of life itself—the most important impulse for art and poetry.

Amy Huting and Oscar Narud have a feeling for in-between beauty like that of the Rise & Shine wall mirror. They strip away any unnecessary details—no matter if they work on objects, concepts or interior spaces—and still manage to convey a great deal of meaning, wrapped in a neat package of infinite beauty.

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