industrial design

A passionate team of designers, engineers, musicians, and audiophiles are the creators of Status, a Brooklyn-based brand established in 2014 with the aim of designing high-quality minimalist headphones that would unite aesthetic and premium acoustic performance.

Status’ product design is really simple and elegant, standing out by the unusual use of abundant metal, meanwhile the only trace of branding is a laser-etched product code. Functionally, the headphones are designed to be as simple and intuitive to use as possible for the user.

The branding and packaging design was made by their creative director Ryan Paonessa—of R&Co Design—following the simplicity and style of the products. Ryan explains:

The Status logotype was designed to mimic the flow of a simple sound-wave pattern in which each letter follows the same vertical path and arch. This is a subtle nod to the audio components of the brand.

The packaging features nothing other than a low-contrast logo, the name and colour of the product, and the same product code that is laser-etched into each pair of headphones or earphones. Everything had to be clean, approachable, and purpose driven—almost utilitarian.

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