Salt & Pepper Grinders

industrial design

Salt & Pepper Grinders are a minimal set in black and white by George Riding, a British designer with a passion for creating minimalist objects.

These beautiful items have been able to implement contemporary clean aesthetics to one of the most staple accessories of the 21st Century kitchen. The grinders feature a tapered base providing an area that is easy to grasp, while the ribs bring a sense of intuitiveness and honesty to the object by subtly hinting its function.

Complementary to pleats on an elegant skirt, the ribs mean these grinders will gracefully take to any worktop, dining table or shelf. The turned anodised aluminium top provides a sophisticated solution to hiding the grinding mechanism below, while the polished finish brings a sense of value to the design. Twisting the top allows the user to change the coarseness of their grind.

A simple and elegant design that I particularly love in everyday use objects.

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