Vertical Wine Tote


Designed to hold the finer things in life; wine and baguettes, the Àplat Vertical Wine Tote is everything. Designed with zero waste sustainable design, this San Franciscan beauty is made from 100% organic cotton canvas and sits at a pretty 8” x 13”. Its one-strap minimal design helps to un-complicate the design functionality, and its ultimate purpose, assisting the consumption of said finer things.

Àplat is a San Francisco-based company designing products that are smart, simple and beautifully crafted with a huge emphasis on being close to the production. Their motto, of designing differently and with empathy, is one that is growing creed in the fashion industry, and hopefully will be the only way manufacturing occurs in an idealist future. The idea that each pattern, cut and stitch has been thoughtfully considered to reduce stress on physical labor and waste, and that the farm-to-factory approach is aligned with Cradle to Cradle and B-Certified businesses that make quality products to last generations. There’s an honesty in their design, in their process and in the execution, which is a huge nod to founder Shujan Bertrand. The influence of her combined French, Korean and American backgrounds couldn’t be brought together for a better purpose.

Photography courtesy of Àplat.

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