The Row Resort 2018


There are plenty of reasons to question in-between collections like pre-season, cruise or resort. They fill up the schedule, put designers under high pressure and speed up the fashion cycle tremendously. But sometimes, maybe once in a million, such a condensed interseasonal set of styles brings out something new, and seems to emphasise the creative spark—and the courage—in skilful designers.

This phenomenon is apparent in the Resort 2018 collection of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson’s brand The Row. Known for their elaborate minimalist silhouettes and love for peculiar textures, the twins managed to exaggerate their en vogue signature style without losing their grip on the idea of sophisticated understatement.

Luxurious silk dresses with intricate structures flow around the female form like adventurous sails. Matter-of-fact silhouettes which remind us of the reform clothing movement of the '20s are implemented in ultra-soft, extravagant fabrics. And as usual: Without exposing too much skin, without any form of embellishment—apart from a striking button here and there—Ashley and Mary-Kate manage to convey their very own idea of sensuality.

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