A House By The Sea


Located in Shavei Tzion, Israel, A House By The Sea is an admirable and grand 280m2 house designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects, who were inspired by its privileged emplacement.

Light and horizon play together within the design of this home located on the mediterranean shore. The shining sun, a long wire thin line, and the blue of the sea serve as everlasting starting points that guide the architectural plan from a historic beginning to its current moment. Within this edifice resonates a rich history of architectural creation.

The climate influenced the size of buildings’ openings and encouraged long exterior terraces enclosed by so-called apron walls which direct the flow of air. In the predominantly and beautifully minimalist white interior, the large spaces and windows soak in resplendent views.

A life of comfort, organically promoted by the form of the building, resonates within the physical expression of its design.

Design team: Irene Goldberg, Tamar Berger, Pitsou Kedem
In charge architect: Tamar Berger
Lighting design: Orly Avron Alkabes
Styling for photography: Eti Buskila
Photography: Amit Geron

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