industrial design

The circus is an entity that is not often associated with minimal designs. But for Porcelain Bear, it offers a lot of potential for innovative ideas when it’s deconstructed to its basic elements.

Australia-based, the design studio specialises in porcelain crafts and was founded under Gregory Bonasera and Anthony Raymond in 2010. With work spanning across many disciplines, the duo recently released a new pendant lighting collection named Acrobat, inspired from trapeze performers. The complex act of balancing has been translated by Porcelain Bear as simple gestures onto individual light piece—effortless and elegant. The series combines translucent white porcelain and golden metal finish for a sophisticated contrast and a visual stability within itself. With various forms ranging from a flat bar to a 90-degree bend, they all have separate identities that correspond with aerial actions: Backflip, Double Act, Flat Bar, Backward Bend. All four lights mend themselves onto the hanging loop, creating a weightlessness that creates both suspension and calmness. Much like at the circus, viewers are awed by the spectacles that Acrobat put forth; the only difference lies in the simplicity in forms and actions.

Porcelain is not an easy material to work with, especially when it comes to the scale of lighting design. But with dedication and continuous experimentation, the Porcelain Bear designers have produced minimal and beautiful pendants by pushing the boundaries in executions.

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