AIAIAI Flagship Store


The AIAIAI Flagship Store, located in Copenhagen, was designed to showcase the brand's TMA-2 headphones. These headphones are unique — their modular design allows them to be configured in multiple styles. The store needed to showcase these different configurations in an aesthetically captivating way. Designer Borg Brückner rose to the challenge and created a flexible interior that can accommodate a variety of scenarios within a small space. The result is a store that can change and evolve depending on the needs of the brand.

The store features a monochrome colour palette that keeps the design clean and simple while providing the perfect backdrop to highlight the products. The display systems highlight function over form: the classic pegboard is purely utilitarian, nothing more than you find in the average workshop. The furniture continues the industrial trend, the tables are made of a pipe-clamping system. Both the wall panels and the furniture are modular and thus able to be easily reconfigured when needed.

The store is a designed "non-design"; the practical space fulfils its purpose while the thoughtful use and placement of the various elements come together in a way that is pleasing to the onlooker. Overall, AIAIAI Flagship Store is a massive success.

Photography by Rasmus Hetoft.

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