Airline Dining Redesigned

industrial design

Ian Ferguson and Martin Postler of London studio PostlerFerguson are the authors of this project. Brotzeit (German for 'snack') is a conceptual packaging for an airline meal. And unlike all existing versions of in-flight food containers, this one is a visual delight. The concept includes several streamlined capsules filled with fresh local produce and presented in a simple elegant wooden box.

The designers elaborate:

How could design help to introduce a new way to cater economy style travellers in a way that she/he will remember this meal as a great experience? How can an airline redefine its brand around one of the most intimate points of interaction with their customers? We at Postlerferguson developed the “Brotzeit” design proposal that is aimed to inspire decision makers in the airline industry to rethink their approach on how to deliver and serve meals to their customers and what kinds of products are being selected.

Thanks to the shape of the containers and the variety of sizes, Brotzeit is able to deliver many different tastes, textures and smells. What a great way to make any journey memorable.

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