Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum


The Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is a community museum in Suzhou, China designed by Vector Architects. Settled in an area of Suzhou rich with both geographical and cultural features, the museum features several gallery and gathering spaces, as well as a restaurant on the ground floor.

Impressive concrete forms are stacked together, creating a series of building formations that speak to each other across the site. Courtyards and covered walkways connect the various structures while providing scenic outdoor space. One of the most central courtyards features an elegant reflecting pool amid a stone path. Terraces on the upper levels provide further space to enjoy the green landscape and river views. The natural environment was a large factor in Vector Architects' design, thus a good portion of the museum features a green roof, part of which is accessible to museum visitors.

There is so much to look at and enjoy at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. Vector Architects have designed a lovely space that will benefit its community for years to come.

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