Areia Houses


On the shoreline of the Sabah Al Ahmad Marine City, in the southern part of Kuwait, sits five impressive dwellings. Standing side by side, each residence shares a great deal of visual elements with each other, making for a striking and cohesive volume known as Areia Houses. Designed by Kuwaiti and Portuguese firm Associated Architects Partnership (AAP), the team brings forth interesting sensibilities from each region resulting in a hybrid of minimalism with the penchant for outdoor living—a signature of the region's architecture.

Simple geometry is cleverly applied throughout, as the white cube aesthetic offers plenty of amplitude but also a chance for each owner to instil a unique identity—a true lesson in versatility in minimalism. The sense of continuity from house to house is flawlessly translated to each individual structure, as the program flows from the front façade to the exterior patio facing the canal. Plenty of sharp angles and ample windows cooperate to offer both vertical and horizontal sculptural quality throughout.

Ensuring an interesting rhythm, the program offers both absolute privacy in the upper floors featuring enveloping walls with perforated details; in contrast to the ground floor where openness reigns supreme, from the pool deck to the beach sand flirting with a house invasion. It's worth noting the attention to regional intricacies, as the Diwanyia area is reserved for social gatherings as expected. Although nothing compares to the gorgeous rooftop patio with panoramic view.

Even though the front façade works as a pattern for all houses, the back side offers gentle variations, a welcome intervention to avoid classic modernism manoeuvres. Areia Houses are a prime example of contemporary sensibilities playing its cards right to offer a myriad of influences to create a cohesive dwelling, from Portuguese minimalist grip to the celebration of sunlight.

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