Art Industrial Collection

art & illustration

Turning tables, a day bed, a coffee table, a seat. The Art Industrial Collection by Studio Dessuant Bone consists of basic furniture objects. But one will soon find out that Art Industrial is not yet another ordinary furniture line. You want to rest your weary self on the day bed? You will have to place your head on an aluminium bolster. You would like to have a seat on the low chair? You will surely stop halfway wondering if the seat base and back made of glass will carry your weight.

Art Industrial blurs the boundaries between art and design as it plays with the functionality of each object. The collection is a collaboration between Studio Dessuant Bone and Allaert Aluminium and comes in a limited edition. Each piece is handmade by industrial workers in Kortrijk, Belgium. Using core materials and combining the fragility of glass with the solidity of metals such as aluminium, copper, and brass, all Art Industrial items have a slick and elegant appearance. By form, they reveal their origin and purpose, but the choice of material balks at any predetermination.

No wonder the collection is exhibited in art fairs and installations and thus perfectly blending in Studio Dessuant Bone's body of work. The multi-disciplinary design consultancy, based in Paris, design and realise permanent and temporary spaces and interiors as well as large and small objects.

Our research based creative solutions evolve from ideas and stories. We pride ourselves on creating an engaging and clear handwriting that can traverse across a diverse range of clients and industries, including fashion, lifestyle, creative & product, from concept to creation.

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