Attributes Bracelets


It’s that time of year again: December is approaching, the days are getting shorter and most of us are already thinking about the best Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Many of you are probably thinking about getting something of high quality, a pure and timeless design, created by true craftsmen.

The bracelets by Attributes might be your perfect choice. The independent label that was conceived with the simple notion that all objects should possess qualities that add style, purpose and fun to everyday items. Attributes are offering a variation of three bracelets in either 100% copper, 100% sterling silver or 18k gold plated silver. Those clear lined, pure bracelets have a warm look and touch to them, due to their rounded tips, a high-end finish and their natural sheen. Originally designed by Simon Freund, they come in a benign packaging and will stay your everyday jewellery companion forever, ageing beautifully and blending into any minimalist outfit you might choose. This is a gift I’d be very tempted to keep for myself.

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