Bande des Quatres


I recently stumbled upon Bande des Quatres — a jewelry label based in Montréal, collaborated by daughter Erin Wahed and mother Janis Kerman.

Founded in 2011, the brand has been gaining more exposure to minimalist enthusiasts due to its effortless nature, inspired from different fields in art and design. However, it is mostly known for its obsession with history and traditional craftsmanship — a rare quality in today's monotonous and mass-produced era. Made to order, each piece of accessory is carefully overlooked by the designer and the artisan, making every one unique and personal.

The appeal of these products is that they were cleverly designed to grasp onto the wearer's body with a certain fragility. In contrast to the heaviness that is metal (both physically and aesthetically), they give rise to an elegant statement. Simple, poised, and delicate.

Photos Courtesy of Totokaelo

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