industrial design

Clemens Auer's manifesto states that he searches for the simple yet astonishing, and that is precisely what he achieves with his award-winning tweezers. The Austrian product designer drew inspiration from one of the human body's archetypal gestures: thumb and index finger forming a pinching motion. As he states: It is a poetic and intuitive translation of an image that feels just natural into a simple product.

Made of a single steel strip, the tweezers allow different ways of holding, using, pinching, in different ways of ergonomics. The form and size are even comfortable for men and women to hold securely.

Auer aims to rethink typologies through investigating the character and behaviour of things. Interested in poetic design, he focuses on the essence of something — its nature, a gesture, learning from it and transforming it into something new.

His tweezers are the winner of the Wallpaper* Design Award 2015 and available through Ode to Things.

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