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Over its life, various monetisation schemes have been attempted to make Minimalissimo a sustainable side project: from paid editorials, to sponsorship, to advertising. The web has evolved a lot over the past 16 years but monetising a passion project without compromising on the quality of the content or the overall user experience is still very challenging.

I’m a firm believer in the power of kindness, in supporting the things I love and I’m passionate about. I personally support a dozen creators at the moment and I’m always happy to add more to the list because I think supporting people directly is the only sane way to keep a certain type of web alive.

And that’s why I’m happy to have direct donations back on the site. We discussed internally quite a bit about how to structure this membership (I hate to call it a membership but that’s what it is at the end of the day). We talked about tiers, we talked about perks, we talked about prices. And it’s a mess. Subscriptions are a mess. Doing this in a way that’s fair and reasonable is complicated. And we’re about minimalism, we’re about simplicity which is why we ultimately settled on something straightforward: one tier.

You can become a supporter for 2 USD a month or 20 USD a year with an option to pay more if you can and want to contribute more. If you decide to become a supporter you’ll get:

Carl and I have plans to keep adding value to the membership over time so the list of perks will expand in the future.

From a technical point of view the membership is powered by Donorbox and payments are handled by Stripe and Paypal. If you have questions about this whole thing send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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