Fold Range


Made of Tomorrow is born from a place of passion, to envision and bring to life beautifully minimal and considered pieces that are timeless. The Fold Range is the manifestation of that passion. Based in New Zealand, and headed by designers Dan Craig and Matt Genefaas, this collection is the beginning of many great ventures to come. The collection sees a series of homewares precision laser cut and powder coated, in a variety of classic colours. The approach has been to design insertions into space, objects that are beautifully executed, made by subtle gestures.

MOT is both a design and graphics-based collaborative, with quality being at the core of their philosophy. Durability and longevity are also core values, along with maintaining that 99% of their products are locally made, in New Zealand. They want to design for the present, without being swayed too heavily by trends, but in a way manipulating the idea what a trend can be, and how its legacy can precede it.

The Fold Range collection, comprising side tables, clocks, mirrors, shelves, and stationary items is a curation of contemporary classic freshness. Each beautifully crafted piece would undoubtedly be an asset to the space it occupies.

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