Braakman FM03 Lounge Chair

Cees Braakman

Seeking out a quality lounge chair is not an easy process. In fact, comparatively, it is far more challenging to find a good and suitable design than it is finding a suitable dining chair. The latter is typically designed for sitting for short periods of time. Whereas a lounge chair is designed to accommodate sustained comfort over a longer period of time. A lounge chair can also be considered a furniture staple that communicates a certain style and character. So it is very much a balance of form and function.

Pastoe’s FM03 lounge chair was designed in 1953 by Cees Braakman. At that time, Braakman was chief designer at Pastoe and one of the most influential figures in the Dutch Design movement. He was strongly influenced by the international modern style movement, and experimented with new materials in furniture, like steel. The FM03 is a great example of minimalist use of materials in interior design.

So looking at the materials more closely, the armchair is comprised of a think black lacquered steel frame, which forms the base of the chair. The seat and backrest are structured in an oak frame supported by robust but highly comfortable cushions that are available in a variety of colours, from neutral grey to mustard yellow to vibrant red.

The FM03 armchair is a design that ticks a lot of boxes. The comfort is undeniable. It sits low so you feel completely relaxed. The quality of the materials is clear to see from all angles. And the aesthetic design of the chair offers a minimalist sensibility through its geometric form.

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