Biomega EIN


Referencing the German word for 'one', the Biomega EIN is the first of its kind. A unique take on a modern urban lifestyle. The electric, single wheel, detachable trailer was conceptualised and designed for Biomega by Manyone. Described by Biomega as weightless progress, the electrical bike trailer represents a new for sustainable transport accessory for contemporary urbanites.

The EIN features a sleek, white, minimal, and monocoque capsule, which can accommodate either a couple of kids or cargo. The intelligent, rechargeable digital motor detects motion in the bike and responds with its own power, in proportion, creating a ‘weightless’ cruising experience. In other words, more assistance when needed and no assistance when you don’t.

The EIN single wheel trailer comes with a universal latching system that can be attached just beneath the saddle. The trailer comes with two regulatory reflector badges and reflective bands on the sides, making the trailer visible from all directions. To reduce weight, price, and the use of materials, the EIN is built for simplicity with no unnecessary parts included in the design.

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