Laptop Case


Bellroy’s Laptop Case came from a want for a slicker and more sophisticated way to transport your tech best friend. We’re all, more and more so, conjoined to our tech devices, and the need to have a more grownup and streamlined protector was a no-brainer for improving the way people carry. Available to fit a 12”, 13” or 15” MacBook, or the like, this piece stands at a subtle 257mm wide x 340mm long and 20mm thick. Comprised of a micro-fibre lining, and encased in premium woven fabric and a leather fold-over piece, concealed ever-so-discreetly are additional pockets for cables, paper and note pads; almost invisibly.

The craftsmanship and love that has gone into the manufacture of this piece is clear, and well appreciated. None of the above features are visible from the exterior and somehow the Laptop Case transitions easily from business to play, mainly due to the mixed and carefully curated material palette. A collaboration between Bellroy and Carryology saw this baby born, combining forces of ideas, and the how. Conceived in Bells Beach, Australia, this is one smart design, and in the words of the Digital Products Design Lead; the right amount of protection, of leather and of detail. Hard to argue with actual fact. Well done.

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