cs015 Tea Set

Yamagata-imono for Gasen
Hiroshi Iwasaki

Yamagata-imono, the name given to cast-metal crafts from Yamagata Prefecture, has its roots stretching back to the mid Heian Period (794-1185 A.D.), and has been popular in Japan since the Edo Period (1603-1868 A.D.) for its exquisite handicrafts. This particular piece, consisting of matching teapot and cup—and created by prolific design studio Nendo—has been made out of this traditional metal ware. It also makes up for one part of the wider CS Collection consisting of other minimal homewares and kitchenware, also designed by Nendo.

Metals are generally very good thermal conductors, and in the case of this tea set, the handles stretch out from inside the containers, resembling the way in which their material emits warmth from the liquid they contain to the hands of the owner. Normally, one would use a material such as wood to try and prevent heat from being conducted to the hands, but this particular design has turned this idea on its head, viewing the unique properties of this material in a positive light.

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