Blink Smartwatch


Witworks is a Bangalore-based smart technology company founded in 2014 which aims is to provide a completely seamless product experience thought the Marvin OS; software that runs in its Blink Smartwatch.

The smartwatch design itself is remarkably beautiful and merits a dedicated feature, but I'd like to focus this article on the packaging design, which that is just astonishing. Created by graphic designers Nikhil Bapna and Mani Singh with industrial designer Ishaan Dass, they have collectively produced a sharp, minimalist and immersive package to present the smartwatch. Explaining their approach, they tell us:

The design is intended to create a strong first impression which would make it memorable, shareable and more importantly, authentic. So the unboxing needs to be engaging and should provoke curiosity to encourage customer consideration. We wanted to present our outlook as fresh and fearless. We thought of crafting the journey from unboxing to the very experience with the device in a very indulging process. This is where the concept of word search came. It would lead the users into a state of flow to achieve the feeling of being completely absorbed in what they are doing. It is something which embraces the simplicity of our brand and the product.

This is packaging design with a powerful concept behind it—always engage the user—featuring many meaningful details that really make the difference.

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