CAC Studio Leather Wallet


We have long been admirers of CAC Studio (Cloudandco) ever since their beautifully minimal Bottle Humidifier and House Aroma Diffuser—both of which were designed for Korean retailer, Elevenplus. The Seoul-based studio, headed up by designer Yeongkyu Yoo, have just announced their latest offering—an ultra-slim leather wallet.

The wallet, which is devoid of any visible stitching, is to be released in two styles and four colour options, and is made by an artisan leather maker and producer with over 30 years of experience. The studio explains:

To capture the beauty of the quality leather, we focused on bringing its texture to the foreground. This meant keeping all unnecessary details invisible, including stitches. The multi-layer construction was carefully conceived so that once assembled, the form is completely uniform in thickness. To finish it off, the edges are precisely painted for the ultimate seamless look—just like a solid sheet of beautiful leather.
Below the surface lies up to 13 layers of construction to become a singular piece. Each layer is artfully engineered, resulting in a form that is seamless, slim, and durable. Effortless on the surface, and thoughtful within.

Not to be overlooked is the wonderfully simple logo, designed by Japanese graphic designer and writer Kenya Hara.

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