Bondi Beach


Nestled on the coast of Sydney’s Bondi Beach is this refined modern residence. Named for its beachside location, Bondi Beach is a tall and narrow structure that looms above the rocky shore. Mathieson Architects, also based in Sydney, designed the dwelling.

Due to the small size of the site, every inch of Bondi Beach was designed to maximize space. There are very few dividing walls in the home, and much of the furnishings are built-in or specifically designed for their location. Glossy white tiles and clean walls elongate the interior, while accents of dark wood and marble add definition and elegance. The floor to ceiling windows ensure each room is flooded with natural light, and a round skylight in the bathroom fills in the gaps. The dramatic ocean views are undoubtedly the defining feature of the home, and each room of Bondi Beach is oriented towards the coast. Frameless windows and glass railings provide a gorgeous and uninterrupted view.

Bondi Beach is minimal even by the standards of minimal dwellings. It is truly equipped with only the necessities: a simple couch, a small kitchen, a cozy throw. By stripping down the design Mathieson Architects shifts focus to what really matters: the blue of the water, the sounds of the waves, and the gust of a cool ocean breeze across the terrace.

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