Borrow House 1


This three bedroom house renovation and extension was designed by London-based architecture firm Coffey Architects. It's comprised of a series of levels connected by steps, with the living spaces cascading from the upper study area into the kitchen and dining area below.

Reflecting the firm's principles of light and composition and a connection between interior and exterior spaces, the house is full of visual connections with the outside, with glazed balustrades, steps and mirrors offering glimpses of the garden and sky into the lower levels. Since the rear garden is small, the garden fence is reduced in height to borrow the neighboring trees and plants while maintaining a decked area for relaxation in the summer.

I'm in love with the way the surrounding greenery penetrates the smooth, polished white interior, lending the building a surprising warmth that's reflected and complimented by the materials used inside (wooden surfaces contrasting nicely with white walls, steel and glass).

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