Vipp Bathroom Collection


As Danish brand Vipp continues its path as trailblazers for quality design, it is obvious to note a clear predilection for constant straightforwardness and utter simplicity throughout their Bathroom Collection. Firmly based on black and white sensibility, the monochromatic variation exudes surprising breadth and sophistication.

Interestingly enough, the designers chose to adopt a slight change in tone for their contemporary product line; with smooth round edges making for an expressive detail in design, yet so important to set it apart. Undoubtedly, each piece is designed with function as primary intention, there are no unnecessary elements to be found. It achieves a surprisingly modern effect without relying on stark geometry, presenting a visual possibility for minimalism beyond the usual tricks.

Vipp's product line complement one another perfectly, especially the Shelter residence — an obvious embassy for the brand's aesthetic. To adopt a small portion of their visual details, without necessarily taking the plunge, is an achievement. We recommend it wholeheartedly.

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