Brise Soleil House


The façade of Brise Soleil House offers a sculptural and uncommon welcoming card. A true visual composition of geometric forms by architect Rubén Muedra. The program mixes minimalist tropes, such as rhythm and patterns, with a strong supporting act from wood in various forms and sizes. Coherence is the name of the game for this particular dwelling located near Valencia in Spain.

Shadow play is an interesting element to factor in, as many architects pursue and even manage to instil the coveted visual embroidery but rarely to grand effect; in this case, the assortment of windows and differing heights genuinely offers great variety of forms throughout the day, as natural light comes through both west and east sides. This becomes a perfect companion to the sculptural quality bestowed from the outer shell of this vibrant dwelling.

The interior offers three floors, each one with a particular intention: the day area is delegated to the ground floor, the first floor is the night area and the second floor offers leisure spaces. The common thread is a striking set of wooden stairs sporting distinctive form, as nimble as possible but robust as necessary. The wood and metal pairing is a welcome addition and makes for an interesting visual element.

Rubén Muedra offers a gorgeous example of dynamic and sculptural qualities masterfully applied to a minimalist prerogative.

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