House in Nishioizumi

Tokyo, Japan
Fukayama Architects

Nestled in a quiet corner of Tokyo, the House in Nishioizumi, designed by the Toyama-based architect Tomoko Fukayama (Fukayama Architects), stands as a testament to minimalist Japanese architecture. The house, with its unassuming exterior, invites one into a realm of tranquil simplicity.

Upon entry, one is greeted by an open-plan layout, where each element coexists in harmonious balance. The use of natural light is a standout feature, casting soft shadows across the sparsely furnished spaces. The colour palette is understated, with neutral tones accentuating the feeling of calmness.

The furnishings, though minimal, are carefully selected to provide functionality without clutter. Clean lines and unobtrusive designs are the hallmarks here, aligning with the minimalist ethos of less is more.

Furthermore, the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces blurs the boundaries, allowing nature to become an integral part of the living experience. Large windows offer sweeping views of the surroundings, further enhancing the peaceful ambience.

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