Polar Lamp

industrial design

Based in Australia, Ross Gardam is a company that specialises in furniture and lighting. Known for blurring the boundaries between art and design, their latest minimal table light Polar Lamp is no different.

The design is quite unique. With its directing and shading light device, the lamp’s centre piece seems as if it’s floating on top of the cylindrical base, giving a pleasant illusion. Cleverly, the designers have incorporated a magnetic arm that connects the shading disc to the body — just thin enough for the disc itself to obscure the appearance’s technicality. When the connection is in place, users will be able to rotate it freely, mimicking the movement of the Earth; I’ll make a guess that is how Ross Gardam came up with the name. Varying from reflective gold, deep blue, blush pink, and matte white, the disc helps elevate the lamp’s outlook, complementing the handcrafted ceramic base.

When I first encountered the design, it was puzzling to me how the effect is achieved; it made me look twice, or maybe even thrice. And that’s how designs should be. In my opinion, when a design is simple yet complex enough to trigger a viewer/user’s multiple glances, it automatically validates itself as a success.

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