Fobe House


Located south of Marrakech, Morocco, is a sculptural home designed by Guilhem Eustache. Fobe House first appears as an array of white forms rising above the dusty desert floor. All of the buildings on the site are distinctly Moroccan: they are built using traditional techniques and materials with an utmost respect for the landscape.

The walls of Fobe House are thick, with few windows to combat against the summer heat. Likewise, the white façades are more of a practical choice—they deflect heat—rather than an aesthetic one. Light dances from structure to structure, creating an artful arrangement of shadows across the red sands. In a few select moments the guarded façades give way to walls of glass, allowing a glimpse of the desert into the home. On the back of the site, a long and peaceful swimming pool acts as a reflecting agent for one of the structures. The white form reflected in the blue water is a peaceful oasis in stark contrast to the surrounding harsh climate. Hundreds of new trees were planted around the property; this is another way that Fobe House pays tribute to its natural environment.

Fobe House achieves a lovely minimal aesthetic while prioritising functional needs and environmental concerns. To me, Fobe House is made all the more beautiful for its overt love of its Moroccan home.

Photography by Jean-Marie Monthiers.

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