Casa AR


A composition of frames to paint within them using the sun, the shadows of the trees, the wet landscape left by the rain. Even when it maintains and architectural proportion in the spaces according their use, the house can be perceived as a sculpture. The dimensions are difficult to scale from the outside because it’s decontextualised.

This is how Mexico City-based architectural firm Lucio Muniain et al describes Casa AR, an 875 sqm private residence located in Ciudad López Mateos, also in Mexico.

The house was developed by the union and extraction of volumes and planes, creating a beautiful and singular composition with a lot of rhythm, but always maintaining a harmonious environment as a whole.

Inside, the feeling is the same as the outside, but the light and shadow contrasts stand out even more, becoming a wonderful and welcome natural feature. With its predominantly white walls and marble flooring, the use of wooden frames are a subtle yet notable detail of this impeccably designed house.

Photography by Onnis Luque.

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