Casa de Aluminio


Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has completed another lovely modern home in Spain. The residence is aptly named Casa de Aluminio, or Aluminium House, for its silvery appearance from afar. The structure is composed of two perfectly geometric stories with long terraces on both floors. The lower level holds the main living areas, while the private bedrooms and bathrooms are located above. On the upper story, the sides of the terraces turn up, wrapping the sides of the home and protecting the private rooms from peering eyes. A large swimming pool in the back of the home provides relief from the Spanish heat while serving as reflection pool for the home's stunning image.

Gorgeous natural stone is featured prominently in the interior, covering the floors on both levels as well as the artful and stunning staircase. The furnishings are sparse and well-chosen; combined with the clean, white interior they give one the impression of a gallery of artworks. The minimal decor pairs well with the home, as it allows the focus to remain on Fran Silvestre's detail-oriented architecture.

I love the symmetry of Casa de Aluminio. There is something incredibly rewarding about the sense of balance achieved in this home. Like all great minimal homes, Casa de Aluminio is truly an oasis from the chaos of contemporary life.

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