Songwon Art Center


Experiencing the Songwon Art Center on a challenging site and topography such as this in Buk-Chon, South Korea must be quite phenomenal. Designed sensitively to the site conditions for pedestrian access and its own parking requirements, Seoul-based architects Mass Studies have completed a minimalist structure that appears relevant to its surrounding context. Its equally contemporary and clean interiors serve to emphasize the pyramid-like volume of gallery spaces that unite through this void.

The photos navigate a very concise, clean and sharp experience for the visitor in its architecture, the way light is received and in the materials used. This is so it does not distract from the art work, and the exterior remains respectful to the quiet street it is on. The building's minimalist apex composes every view so the approach from each road is different. The challenge of the site and steps taken to 'problem-solve' in terms of circulation, experience, and program is what I love about this building.

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