Casa MK


Roof Arquitectos is a design studio founded by architects Rogelio Vallejo Bores and Francisco Noriega Ayala in 2008. With their two recent residential projects, the firm has been getting recognition around the architecture world; one of them being Casa MK in Morelia, Mexico.

Residing on a hilly topology, Casa MK embraces the elevational differences to create an experiential circulation throughout the house. Before entering this complex design, people will be able to walk through a courtyard housing thirteen oak trees, surrounded by monumental white planes that give the house a minimal outlook. These planes’ geometric aesthetics carry through deep hallway that leads to the main part of the residence, where a horizontal window is placed to bring in natural light. The space then opens up to a vast living space, accompanied by a private working room that also acts as a four-sided book case. Beyond the house is a grassy landscape that soothes the hard lines of Casa MK.

Like many minimal housing projects, the architects chose hardwood flooring to contrast the dominantly white surfaces. Their reasoning, however, has a more tactical quality.

We chose hardwood floors because of the smell, the sounds they make when you step on them, and the feeling when you walk barefoot.

Case MK is not only a great design, but one that inspires architects to invest more time in creating something that is simple yet so complex to experience, especially in contemporary dwellings.

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