Casa en un Viñedo

Zamora, Spain
Esaú Acosta
CSO Arquitectura

The plain of green grass stretches across Zamora Province of Spain, where remnants of past Romanesque architecture still reside. Away from the ancient town, atop the sloping hills of expansive vineyards lies a luscious area of land where a verdant grove meets a freshly mown lawn in the winter sun. Resting modestly is a concrete form with transparent connections of the aforementioned geographical intersection. This structure is Casa en un Viñedo by Spanish design studio CSO Arquitectura.

Casa en un Viñedo (House in a Vineyard) was completed in 2005 as a single-family residence. For over a decade, its design still carries a modernity upheld by the integrity of minimalism. Taking on a simple bar typology, its configuration is divided into three parts: two solid volumes on either side and a permeable glass skin in the centre. Diagrammatically, this division separates private with public programmes within the space: communal activities like dining and playing are placed strategically to invite visual and physical gathering points from all directions, opening up to a concrete patio with a water body that eases up the vast land of vegetation.

Inside the dwelling, the colour white from furniture and wall partitions lighten up the space. The kitchen and living room are seamlessly connected for a cozy airiness. Geometrical lines are softened up with organic curves from dining furnishes and light fixtures; they moderate the flow of usage organically with a familial humility. Outside, the existing landscape gives way for the structure’s footing with a clean line of surface separation—between the grey concrete and the green grass.

With a minimal footprint, Casa en un Viñedo is a sustainable and practical design. Its roof is covered with succulents as a layer of natural insulation, while its facades are covered with sliding shutters and solar awnings. Its simple layout allows natural ventilation in a crossing axis. The pool of water not only serves as a functional arrangement, but also an agent to bring in fresh air for the space. Surrounded by orchards of deciduous plants, this composition also yields a soothingness to the eyes in an everlasting scenery.

Withstanding the test of time, the architecture of Casa en un Viñedo is simple, direct, and timeless. Woven within functional elements are unseen characteristics that form a comfortable atmosphere for the inhabitants—from a generous amount of natural light to a constant of refreshing breeze. It’s truly a modest structure with many things to be told.

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