Casa V


Abraham Cota Paredes has completed the lovely Casa V in Jalisco, Mexico. The home design aims to create serenity and a connection with nature in a site that is surrounded by urbanity.

The main feature of Casa V is a central patio, complete with tree and reflecting pool. The courtyard physically and visually unites the various areas of the house. I love the way different sized windows are used to create viewing areas into the patio. These viewports are necessary for bringing light and ventilation into the first floor rooms, as the ground story has no exterior windows due to the public nature of the site. Cantilevered staircases draw the user to the second floor where a large back terrace provides much-needed outdoor space while taking advantage of city views.

While the home is mostly a stark white, subtle details connect the design to nature. The wood of the staircase steps and window beams draws your attention to the forest, further accentuated by the lone tree in the courtyard. The floors and bathroom are covered in white marble, a gorgeous natural material that feels both modern and ancient. And of course, the water and tree in the courtyard connect the resident to an organic landscape far from the metropolis. The overall effect of Casa V is one of peace and tranquility; a sense of oneness with nature while in the centre of the city.

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