Apartment 32


When electing a certain wall or section of a residence to withhold art pieces one must consider the consequences, as it may overwhelm and dominate visually; or it can drown out in the middle of a sea of other references and colours. Ukraine based bureau 2B.GROUP took advantage of all the benefits a 250sqm apartment has and overcame this tricky affair of art in daily life with ease.

Apartment 32 has the benefit of ample spaces between each room, a true luxury in this day and age. And so, taking a step further, the architects planned each area with very few divisions making for seamless transitions between areas. The social area asserts a very obvious and colourful art gallery on the walls, unafraid of the consequences. Even in the bedroom interesting artwork was included. So how did this project hold its ground?

Minimalism has one great benefit; it has enormous power to counterbalance excesses. It is no wonder art galleries often choose the white box aesthetic to cradle their preferred art. This project even adopts a soft colour scheme throughout, that’s confident minimalism right here. Indeed a rare case study to behold.

Photography by Andrey Bezuglov & Slava Balbek.

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