Chair as Architecture


This beautiful and particular chair has been designed by Portuguese studio Corpo, an atelier focused on the exploration and expansion of the architectural anatomy.

The chair is architecture in a reduced scale. Inspired by the ambience of the Southern Portuguese cities, it has façades such as a building, it has legs that could be columns and a seat that could serve as a roof. The designers imagine small people inhabiting this chair: perhaps it could be a house with a high ceiling, a transparent church, or even a folly standing in a garden. In a regular scale, however, one can mostly sit in it.

The 15mm galvanised steel mimics the outline of traditional buildings one can find traveling trough the beautiful regions of Alentejo or Algarve. This white abstract structure, produced industrially, is then woven with tule, a dried natural plant, in order to create a seat, by the hands of an experienced craftsman. The human intervention differentiates the design, making each chair a unique object.

With Chair as Architecture, I really appreciate the perfect balance between design and craftsmanship.

Photography by Ismael Prata.

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