I is Another


The completion of our identity, a way to create symmetry and hence the reflection of our own selves in the way we dress: That is what Leonie Barth found in the concept of the mirror when graduating from University for Applied Sciences in Bielefeld with the immaculate collection I is Another.

In her debut Leonie worked with four basic principles: symmetry, completion, perspective and someone else’s point of view. All of them developed by viewing clothing through carefully arranged mirrors. These aspects are not only reflected in the choice of cut and silhouettes, but also in the choice of colours, which are either on a matted range of cold and monochrome silver — like off white and clear grey — or are carefully chosen derivatives — like blue and yellow — which, when mixed together, would result in a clear grey again. The fabrics are either chosen to be quite rigid in and of themselves or they are supported by additional padding and double-face textile structures.

All of this results in a collection presenting a fresh approach towards architectural silhouettes and contrasting elements while still communicating a concise and comprehensible concept. Leonie's work seems to push the boundaries of construction, but her individual pieces are always wearable, approachable and touching in their design. Every outfit radiates an eye for the future without forgetting about the individual clothed in it.

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