Church of St. Wenceslas


The Church of St. Wenceslas is located in Sazovice in the Czech Republic. Designed by Atelier Stepan, this modern building provides the village of Sazovice with a unique and divine place of worship.

The focal point of the village, the circular structure stands in contrast to the surrounding rectangular buildings. The church therefore feels special, and above all, sacred. The exterior is composed of concrete, with a few select openings for windows. A few cutouts are incorporated into the façade, allowing for a sense of mystery about the church and what lives inside.

The simple interior features a slight semi-circular alter and rounded pews spanning the length of the rontunda. The interior is almost all constructed in warm wood tones, with minimal gold decorations along the walls. The lieu of traditional stained glass windows, Atelier Stepan designed an eye-catching skylight. The triangular window stands in contrast to the curvilinear room and allows the heavens to shine through.

In our busy, modern world, it is crucial to find a quiet space for meditation and reflection. The Church of St. Wenceslas is a lovely home for the spiritual to do just that.

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