CJ2 Legless Chair


Undeniably striking in form, yet an acquired taste in function—at least in the western world. The award-winning CJ2 legless chair is a design by studioJig, led by Kenta Hirai. The chair features an elegant curved line that shapes the frame and is made from Yoshino-Sugi and a free form lamination. Sugi (Japanese Cedar) is a tall evergreen growing in Japan that yields valuable softwood. Yoshino-Sugi can be found in the southern Nara prefecture and grows vertically straight. Because of this, the shape of each growth ring is a perfect circle and is considered of excellent quality.

The fabrics used in studioJig’s products—in this case, the chair’s cushion using cotton and linen—are all made of natural fibres. It is simply woven, valuing the texture and colour that only natural fibres have. The texture of the fabric is firmly transmitted. After dyeing the natural fibres, a special brushing process creates a three-dimensional effect. It is very soft to the touch and has a durability that can be used for many years.

“Jig” of studioJig is a general term for appliances used in various manufacturing industries. It mainly refers to equipment that assists in improving the working environment. In Japan, it is written as “jig” in Ateji and is used at various manufacturing sites.

Jigs are indispensable even in the field of woodworking, and there are a huge variety of jigs, from those that can be used for mass production to those that can only be used for specific processing. There are various types of jigs, but their existence is to consistently improve the environment.

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