Lamps Collection

industrial design

Famed industrial designer Michael Anastassiades adds another notch to his already quite heavy-notched belt with his latest Lamp Collection. Although designs named Get Set and Tip of the Tongue can both hold their own ground, as a collective, the pieces are really impressive. The studio’s philosophy is a continuous search for eclecticism, individuality, and timeless qualities in design. The resulting new additions to the collection are minimally conceived, typical of Anastassiades, and beautifully executed by the once-trained civil engineer-turned-industrial designer.

Responsible for collaborations with industry leaders such as FLOS, Lobmeyr and Svenskt Tenn, there is a refinement to Anastassiades’ work that is hard to replicate or reimagine. Suspended effortlessly upon metal geometric shapes, both Get Set and Tip of the Tongue set new standards for illumination, concealing the connection between material elements and infusing a sense of intrigue as to their scale and functionality. Positioned between fine art and design, his (Anastassiades) work aims to provoke dialogue, participation and interaction. Since the studio was conceived in 1994, continually pushing boundaries and making us question, hats off Michael Anastassiades.

Photography courtesy of Edouard Auffray and Helen Binet.

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